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SmartOps™ address the five vectors crucial to operations


SmartOps™ deploys agents that observes your actions and any digital footprint of your operations.


SmartOps™ learns your business processes and decisioning framework using a Knowledge Graph.


The insights and decision patterns learned is applied to making new decisions.


Fully digitized business processes are autonomously triggered by the platform.


SmartOps™ continuously monitors & optimizes business outcomes.

SmartOps™ Uniquely Combines Automation and AI Components

We have assimilated over 30+ independent capabilities including natural language comprehension and understanding, speech, computer vision as well as advanced knowledge graphs and automation that essentially replicate the core skills of a human SME/operator. SmartOps™ offers a uniquely comprehensive automation suite that is powerfully integrated to automatize operations at scale.

UST SmartOps™ much more than digitization.

UST SmartOps™ evolves to meet the emerging needs of the organization and continuously monitors and optimizes your outcomes. The UST SmartOps™ platform elicits mathematical or structural patterns to identify correlations from observed events and other data streams. These patterns are used to understand fault paths and preempt critical failures with varying degrees of probability.

SmartOps™ Disrupts Operations Across Verticals and Functions

IT Operations

We are taking out 30 - 40% costs out by eliminating SMEs & service engineers.

Human Resource

We are boosting employee connectivity through a hyper personalized digital concierge.


We are taking out the manual effort associated with Administration.


We are disrupting customer care operations by closely monitoring how customers are interacting with digital front-ends.

SmartOps™ - Is Easy to Start and Generates In-Year Financial Rewards

SmartOps™ is designed to be easy to implement across three vectors.

Time. Smart Start

We will offer you a blueprint and demonstrate real savings in 12 weeks.

Investment. Pay Forward Commercial Model

You never pay us more than what you would save.
The system is designed to generate payback early, reducing net in-year investment to zero.

Technology. Fully On Premise & WebScale ready

We are fully on premise ready with fully containerized and infinitely scalable deployment model.

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